Style: Unspecified
Brewer: Rasmus Fink

Volume: 21 liters
OG: 1064
Alcohol: 6.3 % by vol.
Colour: 30 EBC (Copper / reddish brown)
Bitterness: 55 IBU
BU/GU: 0.85
Flaked Oats 500 grammes
Pale Malt 7 EBC 4000 grammes
Munich Malt 20 EBC 500 grammes
Cara Pils 37 EBC 500 grammes
Cara Crystal 120 EBC 500 grammes
Biscuit Malt 50 EBC 500 grammes
Mash schedule: 60min@30C, 30min@63C, 30min@67C, 15min@78C
Hallertau Aroma 7.0% alpha 40 grammes 60 minutes
Brewers Gold 7.5% alpha 40 grammes 60 minutes

Yeast: Safale US-05
Fermented at 20 degrees C for 7 days.
Fermented at 20 degrees C for 7 days.
Lagered at 20 degrees C for 28 days.
Started fermentation May 17th 2010 @ 20C. The usual 5 cm sedimentation. Controller is very buggy. Hope I've got it fixed before next time...

During first fermentaion the PI-Controller when south due to an int16_t/uint16_t-error and cranked up the temperature to 70C. DAMN!

I took out the stuff and let it cool down to ca 30C, then added a T-58. The SG was at the time ca 1018, so let's see how this goes...